Real-time Multimedia Communication Architecture with Hybrid Flow Control in Wireless Home Network

S.N. Woo, S. Ahn, S. An, J.-H. Kim, and K.-H. Won (Korea)


Wireless, Multimedia, HFC, GHFC, Multicasting


As the wireless internet grows exponentially, the recent trend has an increasing demand for wireless network and multimedia services. RTP is used to support the multimedia communication over the Internet and it supports the flexibility and adaptability over a wide range. However, RTP has a limitation that it cannot support end to-end QoS guarantee in a wireless home network which has low throughput and high delay. In the paper, we propose a real-time multimedia communication system architecture with the hybrid flow control, which uses the network states and the user properties, and the group based hybrid flow control through multicast group management. The purpose of our paper is to guarantee the user's service quality through the hybrid flow control in the wireless home network.

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