Analysis of a Proposed Error Correction Algorithm over ADSL for TCP Applications

F. Bizinelli and W. Godoy, Jr. (Brazil)


Telecommunications technology, ADSL, error correction,TCP.


ADSL system was designed to operate with BER of 10-7 , but unpredictable noises may destroy data symbol, thus leading to errors in higher layer protocols. For Internet applications over ADSL, we must use TCP over ADSL. TCP is a reliable stream transport protocol based on sliding windows and retransmission, but TCP assumes that most packet loss comes from congestion, and to avoid congestion collapse, TCP must reduce transmission rates. In order to avoid this decrease on system performance for ADSL loops with heavy noise, we propose a simple, but efficient, algorithm for retransmission of erroneous ADSL frames. Simulations confirmed expected results for TCP relative throughput, TCP congestion window, and number of data bytes received.

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