A Population-based Multicast Routing Algorithm for Multimedia Communication

S. Al-Sharhan and F. Al-Anzi (Kuwait)


: Multicast tree, QoS routing, Population basedincremental learning.


The demand for quality of services (QoS) support in the In ternet is receiving significant attention. This is due to the fact that the Internet is being utilized by an ever increasing number of multimedia applications that enable multi-party services such as video and audio conferencing, live video streaming, and distance education. In such an environment, the QoS multicast routing is becoming of a vital importance. This work presents a hybrid evolutionary algorithm to solve this problem which has been proven to be NP-complete. The proposed hybrid algorithm is based on the population based incremental learning algorithm and the constrained distance network heuristic (or CKMB) algorithm. In the proposed al gorithm, CKMB is utilized as a decoding scheme.

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