Frequency-domain Precoding for Multitone Systems WITHOUT Cyclic Prefix

F.J. Simois and J.I. Acha (Spain)


Telecommunications Technology, multitone systems,precoding.


Traditionally, discrete multitone (DMT) systems have used a guard time, known as cyclic prefix, which ensures, provided a perfect knowledge of the channel, the com plete elimination of both intersymbol and interchannel interferences (ISI and ICI, respectively). The main disad vantage is the increase in the occupied bandwidth or, alternatively, the decrease in the information rate. In this paper, we present a frequency-domain precoder that avoids the aforementioned interferences in DMT systems with no need of cyclic prefix, and consequently with no penalty in bandwidth or information rate. We prove that the received signal is the same as in a classic multitone system with cyclic prefix, so perfect reconstruction is possible at the receiver in absence of noise, whose effect, if it exist, is the same as with the prefix.

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