Design of Real Random Number Generator

J. Hong, S. Park, J. Yoon, J. Koh, and D. Kim (Korea)


Real Random Number Generator, randomness,unbiased.


Most operate by measuring unpredictable natural processes, such as thermal noise, atmospheric noise, or nuclear decay. Critical cryptography applications require the production of an unpredictable and unbiased stream of binary data derived from a fundamental noise mechanism. In this paper, we proposed a real random number generator with Gaussian noise using normalization filter algorithm. The proposed scheme is designed to reduce the statistical property of the biased bit stream in the output of a random number generator. Experimental show that the loss rate is reduced about the average 5%, when the threshold level is given and is compared to the process, which is not applied the normalize filter algorithm, and the pass rate is enhanced in performance of the output real random number bit-stream.

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