Novel High-selectivity Open-loop Resonator Filter

D. Cañete-Rebenaque, A. Alvarez-Melcon, F. Losilla-Lopez, and F.D. Quesada Pereira (Spain)


RF Engineering, Microstrip filters, Microstrip resonators,Poles and zeros, Elliptic filters.


In this paper the design of a novel planar narrowband mi crostrip filter is presented. The structure is designed and manufactured in microstrip technology, and it is formed by set of pairs of resonators of different lengths. The length of one resonator in each pair is adjusted so that a suitable odd resonance is tuned to the center frequency of the filter. The length of the other resonator is adjusted so that the next even resonance is tuned again to the center frequency of the filter. The different path of the signal in each resonator pro duces a cancellation of energy at a given frequency, there fore implementing a transmission zero in the insertion loss response of the filter. Measured results confirm the theo retical predictions, and validate the new structures for high selectivity applications.

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