Security and Performance on the Basis of the Access Control Policy Implemented by Secure Operating System

J.-N. Kim, S.-W. Sohn, and C.-H. Lee (Korea)


Secure Operating System, Access Control Policy,Discretionary Access Control(DAC), Mandatory AccessControl(MAC), Role based Access Control(RBAC),Performance


SecuROS(Secure & Reliable Operating System) prevents and blocks possible system cracking by implementing additional security functions in FreeBSD 4.3 operating system (OS) kernel, including access control, user authentication, audit trail, encryption file system and trusted channel. This paper describes access control technique, which is one of core technologies of SecuROS, introduces the implementations of DAC, MAC and RBAC, all of which are corresponding access control policies, and show security and results of performance measurement on the basis of application of access control policies. Finally, security and performance between conventional OS environment and environment adopting access control policy is described.

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