SPLIT: An Efficient, Scalable Receiver-based Rate-adaptation Protocol

S.C. Brennan, N.K. Chilamkurti, and B. Soh (Australia)


Multicast, Multicast video protocol, Receiverbased protocol, Layered Multicast, Network Simulator-21.


This paper proposes a new receiver-based rate-adaptation protocol for multicasting video, called Split-Layer Video Multicast (SPLIT). Unlike existing receiver-based rate adaptation protocols, such as Receiver-driven Layered Multicast (RLM), the SPLIT protocol is specifically designed to take advantage of existing packet loss concealment techniques to provide end-users with increased quality of video. In an effort to gauge the performance of the SPLIT protocol, a number of experiments using the NS-2 network simulator were conducted and the results were compared with those of the RLM protocol. The results show that the proposed SPLIT protocol utilizes the available bandwidth in a more efficient way than the RLM protocol does. The results also positively show the scalability of the SPLIT protocol.

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