Idiosyncratic Signatures for Authenticated Execution: The TrustedFlowTM Protocol and Its Application to TCP

M. Baldi (Italy), Y. Ofek, and M. Yung (USA)


Trusted computing; trusted code execution; trustedcommunication software execution; trustedcommunication middleware; trusted network applications.


Assuring that a given code is faithfully executed with defined parameters and constraints is an open problem, which is especially important in the context of computing over communications networks. This work presents TrustedFlowTM, a software solution to the problem of remotely authenticating code during execution, which aims at assuring that the software is not changed prior to and during execution. A flow of idiosyncratic signatures is continuously generated and associated to transmitted data by a secret function that is hidden (e.g., obfuscated) in the software and whose execution is subordinated to the proper execution of the software being authenticated. The flow of signatures is validated by a remote component.

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