Electromagnetic Simulator for the Analysis of Complex Wire Antenna Structures

F. Losilla-Lopez, D. Cañete-Rebenaque, F.D. Quesada Pereira, and A. Alvarez-Melcon (Spain)


Wire antenna, Electromagnetic simulator, Integral equation


This paper presents a novel electromagnetic simulator that can be used for the design of complex wire antennas for ra dio communication applications. The software implements new numerical techniques based on integral equation meth ods, which allows the accurate modeling of wire elements in conjunction with metallic flat areas. For the wire struc tures the full kernel of the integral equation is employed. This leads to accurate results in the analysis, even for very thick wire antennas. Due to the rigorous kernel employed, special algorithms for extracting the singularity have been developed. In addition, a new attachment model has been implemented to correctly model the flat surface to wire junctions. Results show that the software derived is accu rate and can be used as a real software tool for the design of complex wire antenna structures.

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