Heuristic Method for Synthetic Traffic Generation for Multicast Networked Games

J. Hernandez Serrano, M. Soriano, J. Pegueroles, and F. Rico-Novella (Spain)


-- Networked games; Multicast; Traffic patterns;


-- Key to the utility of secure multicast is the efficient operation of re-keying protocols. User behaviour knowledge is necessary for effectively design and test of these protocols. In this paper we propose a model for player arrivals in a multiplayer game multicast scenario. The model is based on the hypothesis that interarrival times between players fit a heavy-tailed distribution. Our work uses a Gamma-Pareto function as heavy tailed distribution. We define a non derivable Gamma-Pareto distribution that we find ideal for heuristic traffic generation. The MATLAB function used to generate synthetic traffic is also shown. This function will allow us to validate our model with real traffic traces in future works. Finally, figures of interarrival time and histogram are presented in order to show the proper behaviour of the heuristic model.

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