A Novel Gain-clamping Technique for EDFA in WDM Add/Drop Networks

S. Shin, J. Park, and S.-H. Song (Korea)


Gain-clamping, WDM, Add/Drop, EDFA, cross gainsaturation, disturbance observer Technique


We propose, for the first time to our knowledge, a novel gain-clamping method for EDFA in WDM add/drop networks by introducing a disturbance observer technique. The control input signal for gain-clamping is composed of a nominal control signal and an additional control signal of compensating the gain fluctuations caused by channel add/drops. Based on disturbance observer technique, we designed the additional control signal such that it has the compensating information of estimated disturbance resulted from channel add/drops. The circuit for generating additional control signal can easily be implemented by using simple electronic devices. We proved the superiority of the new technique over the previous ones by showing simulation results of minimized dips and spikes that appear in power profile of EDFA in the process of channel add/drops.

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