SONET Frame Generator for Test-bench Applications

R. Dahrouj, W. Renno, T. Tohme, A. Chehab, and A. Kayssi (Lebanon)


SONET, simulation, test-bench, frame generation.


In this paper we present a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) frame generator to be used as one of the main components of a test-bench to check if newly designed telecom chips are compliant with the SONET standard. The user of the frame generator provides the specifications in a command file that is used to create the test frames to be fed to the chips. The commands allow the user to control the payload type, frame type, number of frames, and value set ting of the overhead bytes. The generator imitates the be havior of real-life situations before hardware is available, and generates error conditions for testing purposes. After running the simulation, the results are displayed on screen and saved on file for later reference. In addition, the test bench provides warning messages in case of violations to the standard. The frame generator runs under Windows and UNIX.

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