A Differentiated Services Scheme with Feedback Preference Information in the Case of Strict Queueing Algorithm

R. Zhang (PRC), H. Zhang (Sweden), and D. Yang (PRC)


Diff-Serv, preference, QoS, Internet, strict queue


This paper presents a simple and integrated Diff-Serv scheme with feedback preference information (FPI) in the case of strict queueing algorithm. According to the FPI concept, each user just needs to (or even not to) show his intention of receiving a priority service, before a connection establishment, and he needs not to predict any parameters of the flow, the situation of the networks, and etc. The main novelty of this scheme lies in it philosophy that the system charges its users according to the actual preferences that the users have received, which is of more rationalities but less complexities. Comprehensive simulations show that FPI is promising. It not only provides high quality services in a logical way of billing, but also has several other advantages, such as fairness, integration and simplicity.

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