On the Effect of Token Bucket Perfomance in Voice Quality over Internet

F.D. Trujillo, A.J. Yuste, E. Casilari, A. Díaz Estrella, and F. Sandoval (Spain)


Quality of service, token bucket, voice over IP,communication networks


Interest in modern Internet applications is constantly growing among service providers and potential customers. Some existing and emerging services, like voice over Internet or videoconference, require a high level of quality and impose great demands on the network. It is clear the need to maintain this quality, so it is necessary the use of protocols and architectures that support quality of service, like IntServ or DiffServ. Both schemes use the token bucket algorithm to control the IP packets, policing them or shaping them. We present in this paper a study about voice over Internet (VoIP) and how the correct dimensioning of the token bucket can achieve a suitable voice quality: non-discarding voice packets and an adequate delay in the sequence of voice packets.

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