Polyphase Matrices whose Cubes are Unit Matrices and Their Application to Mobile Communication

N. Suehiro and T. Imoto (Japan)



-- A class of polyphase unitary matrices, whose cube are unit matrices, are applied to mobile communication. The rows of the matrices compose a set of complete complementary code. A method is also discussed, which has been proposed by Suehiro, et.al. for increasing the efficiency of the wireless fre quency usage. The method uses a pilot signal for measuring the multipath property as a complex number for each timeslot. The data transmission signals transmitted together with the pilot signal using the same frequency and time without interference. The signals with zero-autocorrelation zone and zero crosscorrelation zone (ZCZ signals) are made based on the complete complementary code and used for above method. The cyclic linear equation for obtaining the transmitted data can be solved easily based on the relation between cyclic matrices and DFT matrix.

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