Conceptual Engineering of Reusable Learning Objects and Learning Sequences for Web-Based Education

V. Uskov and M. Uskova (USA)


Reusable learning objects, reusable learning atoms,learning activities, Web-based education.


This research paper provides a brief overview of current activities at Bradley University and Midstate College aimed on design, development and implementation of online courseware that is conceptually based on reusable learning object (RLO) approach. The premise is that later conceptual models of RLOs, reusable learning atoms, learning activities, learning sequences, and learning actions can be formalized in a form of working models (for example, agent-based models) and be used in various Web-Based Education (WBE) environments, providing increased effectiveness and efficiency of both WBE related instructional design and teaching and learning processes. The RLO-based approach for design and development of online courses and learning processes is a founding principle of main research activities and outcomes of the National Science Foundation's project # 0196015 [1] that is aimed on development of 12 innovative online courses in Computer Science and Information Technology.

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