Expanding Capabilities of Legacy Systems through Requirements Validation: Transitioning from Requirments Driven to ROI Driven Solutions

D. Cohen, G. Larson, D. McDougal, and B. Ware (USA)


Software Engineering, ROI, Systems Engineering,Legacy Systems, and Center Productivity


IT organizations are increasingly expected to provide business solutions faster and with better return on investments (ROIs). The strict technology focus on software features fails to deliver predictable, relevant and cost effective business solutions. Review of several order management applications developed over the last 20 years shows that software solutions are not able to respond effectively to evolving business-needs, becoming irrelevant to the business. The electronic customer contact management (eccm) toolkit has been used to validate legacy systems' requirements reducing the churning of functionality caused by incomplete and incorrect requirements, while extending system life cycle and reducing maintenance costs. The eccm toolkit tackles this business challenge by delivering: 1. Validated software requirements in areas such as business rules, web based user interfaces, operational processes, architecture, configuration management, and center management. 2. A predictable methodology that delivers effective business solutions vs. traditional specification based software. This approach enables software organizations to estimate and/or guarantee the business-solution's ROI in spite of the predictably incomplete and incorrect requirements that will be provided by the business unit.

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