DESIRE/FKAOS: An Environment for Agent-oriented Requirement Analysis

K. Shao and Z. Liu (PRC)


AORE, DESIRE/FKAOS, Fuzzy Z, KAOS, Goal, Agent


Requirement analysis is an important part in software engineering research. Agent-oriented requirement analysis focuses on determining a higher-level organization of a system that meets a given problem specification. This paper presents DESIRE/FKAOS, an agent-oriented requirement environment, which helps users and system designers analyze and describe the higher-level agent-centered requirement of software systems. Based on DESIRE/FKAOS, the designer acquires the agent components (the atomic autonomous entity) of the system to be developed and models the interaction relationships between these agents. DESIRE/FKAOS integrates a fuzzy version of Z with the KAOS language to model the uncertain property of agent's intention and provides some visual diagrams to make the design easier. The DESIRE/FKAOS environment includes a goal decomposing and reasoning modeling tool as well as an agent optimizing modeling tool to integrate knowledge about general software design principles, prototypical software architectures, and application domain. We illustrate the design in DESIRE/FKAOS through an example, a distributed meeting scheduler system.

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