Insufficient Education Hinders Good Testing – A Case Study

J.J. Ahonen, T. Junttila, A. Katasonov, and M. Sakkinen (Finland)


Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Engineering Education


The quality of software has not improved despite new pro gramming schemes, innovative research on software test ing, and well-thought approaches to process improvement. The study reported in this article indicates that the normal process-improvement thinking alone does not enable suffi cient improvements in the quality of testing and the quality of the final software. One very important part of producing high quality software is the availability of necessary skills. We analyze three industrial cases in which required testing skills are lacking and the lack of skills is caused mostly by the lack of proper education and training. Therefore an important factor in the software quality problem is insuf ficient education. In addition to the analysis, we outline some possible solutions to the problem.

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