Validation of Corrective Maintenance Problem Management via Software Maintenance Types

M. Kajko-Mattsson (Sweden) and N. Chapin (USA)


Maintenance activities, corrective maintenance process,software maintenance types, software engineering.


This paper reports a two-way validation of two prior independently done empirical research studies of software maintenance. The validation process was two-way because each of the two independent studies could validate the other study. One of the studies focused on classifying software maintenance activities based on objective evidence. It resulted in a typology at two levels of granularity, with four types at the coarser level and twelve types at the finer level. The other empirical study focused on problem management in corrective maintenance. It resulted in a recognition of numerous specific activities and a general taxonomy of activities involved in accomplishing problem management in corrective maintenance. The validation process did not extend either of the two studies. It used the published results of the studies and focused on what each study had reported on maintenance activities and reported on management activities. The result was a strong two-way validation of each of the two prior independently done studies.

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