Web-based Consultation System with Expert System

Y. Erdani (Germany, Indonesia), A. Hunger, S. Werner, and S. Mertens (Germany)


artificial intelligence, expert systems, web application


In regard to the increasing interest in university education there are many tasks that have to be dealt with involving increasing work time and need of employees. The questions posted the students are often complex and inconsistent. Therefore the questions can not be answered immediately and easily. It needs a certain level of expertise in the academic area to answer the questions. Due to the complexity and inconsistency of the problems, a student consultation system with feature of some human expertise in the academic area is in development. Expert Systems as an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have characteristics of true human expertise and can provide answers to these problems. The system offers an academic consultation service to student or student's candidates. The purpose of this service is to provide professional advice on recognition processes so that the recognition processes will be easier and more effective.

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