A Componentware based Management Framework Utilising Adaptation

M.H. Knahl (UK)


Computer Networks, Software Engineering, IntegratedNetwork and System Management, Componentware


Componentware facilitates an enhanced packaging granularity to object-oriented systems for software development: Software Components. Such as more traditional components in other sciences or engineering domains, Software Components potentially allow reuse even across different application domains and facilitate the realisation of various distribution scenarios. In the area of Integrated Network and Systems Management (INSM), the Management Services as well as the Managed Objects themselves are highly distributed. Furthermore, different Managed Objects typically require specific adaptations to the management software. The INSMware Management approach proposed throughout this paper achieves a maximum level of manageability by combining INSM with Componentware principles. Software Components by default are immutable which would even hinder minor adaptations to the management system or management semantics. To overcome this architecture-inherent limitation of componentware the proposed Component Adapter approach has been applied to INSMware, which allows the integration of even semantically incompatible Software Components.

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