Mapping of the IEC 61158 Type-1 QoS Architecture to WorldFIP

M.A.L. Chávez (Mexico) and J.-P. Thomesse (France)


Quality of Service, Fieldbus, Specification.


This paper presents an analysis of two Fieldbus Quality of Service (QoS) Architectures: IEC 61158 type-1 and WorldFIP. The former is based on both the Data Link Services (DLS) and their QoS attributes. The second is based on the producer-consumer model. The analysis shows that both Fieldbuses define the same DLS but not the same QoS attributes. The paper presents then the specification of a WorldFIP architecture for mapping the IEC 61158 type-1 QoS attributes. The specification is presented in Specification and Description Language (SDL) and validated with the aid of the ObjecGeode tool.

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