A Tool to Monitor Networks in Real Time

S. Ramadass, R. Budiarto, and S.J. Choi (Malaysia)


Network Monitoring,


The fundamental problem with any network administration systems today is its ability to cope with the rising amount network problems. There are two methods to address this problem, where by network administrator can apply active or passive monitoring method. iNetmon had choose passive method, so that it is real time. Passive approach does not exclude from weakness, which will be address in this paper. Beside that, this paper is also serve as a frame work of a product which under development by School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. All its capabilities and features will be presented in the paper. Furthermore, an actual usage scenario on how to use iNetmon as a tool to assist network application programmers in debugging their programs and how iNetmon decodes communication messages from host to host when you run network software. iNetmon will be an essential tool for network administrator to solve daily network problem which is capable of monitoring your network at real-time.

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