SRE: Search and Retrieval Engine of the TerraScope Earth Science Information System

E.Z. Coronado Pacora and M. Rodríguez Martínez (Puerto Rico)


SRE, R-tree, Peer to - Peer, Client Access Servlet, DataBroker Servlet and Information Gateway Servlet.


Our research emerged from the need to know how to recover and to visualize graphical/textual information of images that are stored in multiple data sources. This paper focuses on a system for recovering, merging, and displaying data, metadata, and images from heterogeneous distributed data sources. We propose the Search and Retrieval Engine (SRE) developed as part of TerraScope, a Web-based Earth Science Distributed Management System. SRE is the execution engine based on Java Servlet technology and the PeertoPeer architecture that makes possible the transformation of the server into a client of data at any moment. SRE allows the communication among others Web Servers, where multiple data sources can be integrated into a coherent system, and support the execution of different queries that gather useful data from each distributed data source.

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