Database Middleware System Supporting Remote Sensing Analysis over Distributed Sources

A. Alvear-Suárez, P.I. Rivera-Vega, M. Rodriguez-Martínez, A.L. Villalaín-García, and J. Ferrá-Garcí


ImageCutter, Middleware, Remote Sensing, Modis, RadarSat.


This paper1 describes the ImageCutter, which is a central component of a middleware system that allows a set of computers in the Internet to be used as a wide area virtual computer for the management of image data. The image data, as well as the different computational resources available to process them, are distributed among different sites. The computational resources include hardware and software components (Matlab, Java, applications). The system allows Matlab clients to initiate image operations that will be executed in a distributed manner that is transparent to the user. The partition of images in the appropriate manner, required by the type of operations requested at any moment, the distribution of data and code to different locations where they can be processed, and the collection and combination of partial results, is performed by the ImageCutter component. We discuss the architecture of this component and the different algorithms used.

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