Telepresence via Satellite

G. Graschew, T.A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, and P.M. Schlag (Germany)


Telemedicine, Communications and Computer Networks, Telementoring, High-Immersive Visualisation


In the GALENOS (Generic Advanced Low-cost trans European Network over Satellite, 1998-2001) project a trans European competence network via satellite for telemedical applications has been realised. Using off-the shelf components and a specially designed high-end communication software (WinVicos) different telemedical application like teleteaching, intraoperative teleconsultation, telepathology, teleradiology, etc. have been enabled. Based on the same system the concepts for knowledge-based competence networks for telemedical applications (distributed medical intelligence) are currently being verified in several EU- and ESA-funded projects. A high immersive visualisation environment (Surgical Table) for computer-assisted simulation of surgical procedures supports the training of the physicians.

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