Techniques for the Implementation of a Generic Request Dispatcher for CORBA-based Applications

M. Aleksy and A. Korthaus (Germany)


Dispatcher, Load Distribution, CORBA


In distributed software application systems, dispatcher components which act as an intermediate layer between clients and servers are often used to solve several problems such as location transparency of servers, scalability, and load-balancing. In this paper we analyze different ap proaches to the design and implementation of dispatcher components in a CORBA-based environment. Since our design is focused on providing a generic and portable solu tion, we restrict ourselves exclusively to design and imple mentation elements provided by the CORBA standard. We point out which alternative solutions can be derived from this set of elements and what their respective advantages and disadvantages are. As a result, we show how fully generic and portable CORBA-based dispatcher components can be developed which are completely transparent to clients and can be used for load distribution and similar services.

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