Design of Distributed Java Application with Estelle

M. Czenko (Poland) and J.-L. Raffy (France)


Distributed Systems, Java, Estelle, Software Engineering, Formal Description Techniques.


We present in this article a new programming language JEstelle. It fuses the formal semantics of Estelle (a standardized Formal Description Technique) and the popularity of the Java platform. JEstelle uses similarities between these two languages to narrow the gap between formal specification and implementation code. It provides a solution that can simplify significantly the distributed Java applications development. The introduction of formalism to the communication part of a distributed Java application, allows its validation and improves the readability of the system design. JEstelle introduces some minor restrictions to the use of Java API and naturally supports the automatic implementation code generation. Moreover, the Java technology permits to easily adapt the existing Estelle Development Toolset (XEDT) to the development of JEstelle tools. Finally, JEstelle is easy to use and practically does not require the designer to be familiar with any Formal Description Techniques, and with Estelle in particular.

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