Design Framework of Generic Components for Compute Power Market

A.W.K. Ling, L.C. Sun, G.C. Sodhy, C.H. Yong, F. Haron (Malaysia), and R. Buyya (Australia


Resource Trading, Compute Power Market, JXTA.


Current computational devices are reaching the limit in terms of meeting the ever increasing needs of high performance computational power. However, there is plenty of idle computational power not being used efficiently since most of this power resides on individual machines, only waiting to be harnessed in an orderly manner. Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology provides the infrastructure and methodology of using this idle power which is otherwise not fully utilized. Compute Power Market (CPM) has been proposed to bring together the providers and users of computing power in a systematic manner. This paper discusses our effort at developing a CPM/P2P framework, based on JXTA which is one of the latest P2P technology. We have managed to develop some essential modules needed to bring together providers and consumers of computational power.

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