Internet Scalability

R.D. McLeod, S. Huang, M. Laskowski, and B. Podaima (Canada)


Protocols, Transport, Scalability, Heavy Tail Phenomena


: This paper presents several new ideas pertaining to desirable properties associated with protocols and network topology as applied to the Internet. The paper illustrates that one of the most important aspects of the Internet is scalability. In the context of this paper it is scalability as it relates to the transport of increasingly larger amounts of data over disparate networks and protocols. The main contribution of the paper is a framework upon which decisions can be made in designing new protocols and/or in adopting existing protocols and their variations. Our framework is based on suggestions made here and elsewhere that heavy tail phenomena are permanent and ubiquitous features of the Internet, and not artifacts of current applications or user behavior. As such, a simple scalability framework is presented to assist in developing protocols and network technologies that scale and are less adversely affected by heavy tail phenomena.

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