Optimized Fuzzy Controller for Indoor Comfort Control and Energy Management in Buildings Implemented with PLC and Local Operating Networks (LON) Technology

D. Kolokotsa, G.S. Stavrakakis, and D. Agoris (Greece)


fuzzy controller, genetic algorithms, PLC,Local Operating Networks (LON), building managementsystem


In this paper an optimized fuzzy controller is firstly presented for the control of the environmental parameters at the building zone level. The occupants' preferences are monitored via a smart card unit. Genetic Algorithm optimization techniques are applied to shift properly the membership functions of the fuzzy controller in order to satisfy the occupants preferences while minimizing energy consumption. Simulations using MATLAB/SIMLULINK demonstrate that energy conservation can reach 22%. Moreover the implemented system in the Laboratory of Electronics of the Technical University of Crete is presented, which integrates a smart card unit that acts as a user-machine interface, sensors, actuators, interfaces, a PLC controller that incorporates the optimized fuzzy controller, Local Operating Network (LON) modules and devices, and a central PC which monitors the performance of the system.

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