The Data Mining Techniques in the Macroeconomic Field

L. Bordoni and S. Spadaro (Italy)


Data Mining; Macroeconomics; Knowledge DiscoveryMine; Decision Support.


In this paper the use of data mining techniques in the macroeconomics field is presented. With data mining techniques it was possible to identify national product specialisation sectors, observe the evolution of the economic structures of the countries considered and highlight the similarities between them. DB2 Intelligent Miner for Data was used on a database made available by the Casaccia Research Centre of ENEA which contains over 400,000 records regarding the imports and exports of the seven most economically developed countries in the period between 1990 and 1998. By using marketing survey strategies, it was possible to characterise the countries which absorb the largest proportions of Italian products of the pharmaceutical and industrial automation sectors and identify other possible market outlets for these products.

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