Developing a Personal Multilingual Web Space

R. Chau, C.-H. Yeh, and K.A. Smith (Australia)


Internet, Web content mining, personalisation, Self organizing map


Personalised multilingual Web content mining is particularly important for users who want to keep track of global knowledge that is relevant to his/her personal domain of interest over the multilingual World Wide Web. This paper presents a novel concept-based approach to personal multilingual Web content mining by constructing a personal multilingual Web space using self-organising maps. Multilingual linguistic knowledge required to define the multilingual Web space is made available by encoding all multilingual concept-term relationships using a multilingual concept map. With this map as the linguistic knowledge base, a concept-based multilingual text miner is developed to reveal the conceptual content of multilingual Web documents and to form concept categories of multilingual Web documents on a concept-based browsing interface. To construct the personal multilingual Web space, a concept-based user profile is generated from a user's bookmark file for highlighting the user's topics of information interests on the browsing interface. As such, personal multilingual Web mining activities ranging from explorative browsing to user-oriented concept-focused document filtering are facilitated.

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