Large-scale Ubiquitous Information System for Digital Museum

K. Shindo, N. Koshizuka, and K. Sakamura (Japan)


Personalization, Ubiquitous computing, Museum, Contact less smart card


This paper discusses a large-scale ubiquitous information system for a digital museum, the most important element of which consists of the real-time modification of museum information in response to visitor characteristics and pref erences. To be effective, such a system must be available at all times and be accessible from any location. To ac complish this, we have constructed a large-scale ubiqui tous information system to enhance the real-world experi ence of digital museums. Within this system, visitors carry their own smart cards containing their personal profiles, including physical characteristics and intellectual prefer ences. The museum information system continually ac quires visitor profiles; when a visitor arrives at an infor mation KIOSK terminals, he or she places the card on the terminal. The system then acquires the visitor's profile in formation from the card and/or retrieves it from a server. In accordance with the obtained personal profile information, the system will then customize exhibit information and dis play attributes. In addition, the visitor can acquire selected contents through a simple operation (pressing a button on a terminal, for example) and then access the selected data from home via the Internet. To date, more than 200,000 visitors have used our system in various exhibitions, pro viding thorough confirmation of its practicability.

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