Facial Features Tracking Applied to Drivers Drowsiness Detection

L.M. Bergasa, R. Barea, E. López, M. Escudero, L. Boquete, and J.I. Pinedo (Spain)


Facial Features Tracking, Driver Drowsiness, ColourSegmentation, 3D Recover, Eye Blinking.


In this paper we describe a real time facial features tracker applied to the detection of some basic drowsiness behaviours in drivers, with a colour camera. It uses stochastic colour segmentation to robustly track a person's skin and some facial features (eyes and lips).The system recovers 3D face direction, classifies rotation in all viewing directions and detects the driver's state analysing eye blinking and face direction. We show some experimental results, using real sequences with several users, and some conclusions about the performance of the system.

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