How the Selection of Training Patterns can Improve the Generalization Capability in Radial Basis Neural Networks

J.M. Valls, I.M. Galván, and P.Isasi (Spain)


Radial Basis Neural Networks, Selective Learning.


It has been shown that the selection of the most similar training patterns to generalize a new sample can improve the generalization capability of Radial Basis Neural Networks. In previous works, authors have proposed a learning method that automatically selects the most appropriate training patterns for the new sample to be predicted. However, the amount of selected patterns or the neighborhood choice around the new sample might influence in the generalization accuracy. In addition, that neighborhood must be established according to the dimensionality of the input patterns. This work handles these aspects and presents an extension of a previous work of the authors in order to take those subjects into account. A real time-series prediction problem has been chosen in order to validate the selective learning method for a n-dimensional problem.

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