Infusion: A Hybrid Reasoning System with Description Logics

B. Hu, E. Compatangelo, and I. Arana (UK)


Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, Hybrid Reasoning System, Software tools


We present a new approach which extends the expressive and deductive powers of existing Description Logic (DL) based systems using inference fusion the cooperative rea soning from distributed heterogeneous inference systems. Our approach integrates results from a DL reasoner with results from a constraint solver. Thus, our inference fu sion system (i) fragments heterogeneous input knowledge to generate suitable homogeneous inputs for the DL and constraint reasoners; (ii) passes control to each reasoner, re trieving the results and making them available to the other reasoner for further inferencing; and (iii) dynamically com bines the results of the two reasoners and presents the over all results. We illustrate the main features of inference fu sion using a small example.

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