A Rearrangement System for Floor Layouts Based on Case-Based Reasoning and Constraint Satisfaction

S. Ono, Y. Hamada, K. Mizuno, Y. Fukui, and S. Nishihara (Japan)


Floor Layout Rearrangement, Case-Based Reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction Problem, Planning, Scheduling


This paper proposes a system for rearranging floor lay outs (RAFL) that is a search problem consisting of pre- and postchange layouts of objects, workers, and a work time limit. The goal in solving RAFL is to find a pair of a re arrangement plan a set of paths for each object and its schedule an assignment of actions to each worker in each turn. Since RAFL involves spatial and resource conflict, it is difficult to find even a feasible solution. The proposed system uses constraints to represent required knowledge and case-based reasoning (CBR) to reuse a long-term pol icy derived from past problem solving as heuristics. The system is interactive and enables users to know the de rived policy and search progress and to give instructions as needed. Experimental results show that the system solves a problem involving 50 objects and CBR significantly im proved search performance.

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