The J2EE-Adapted TINA model: integrating TINA solutions to Internet

E. Yanaga, L. Nacamura Jr., and E.L. Bodanese (Brazil)


J2EE, TINA, NGN, Enterprise JavaBeans, Telecommunication services


The current need for the provisioning of new telecom ser vices and the integration between the telecommunications and the Internet (IP) worlds in NGNs still demand an open distributed architecture to enable the development of these services. Systems based on the TINA architecture seem to be natural candidates for this problem, and the utilization of a strongly market-supported technology such as Enterprise JavaBeans and the J2EE platform can leverage the TINA architecture to a wide adoption by vendors and telecom op erators. This work proposes a model for TINA and Inter net integration using the J2EE platform and the Enterprise JavaBeans framework, the J2EE-Adapted TINA (JATINA) model which improves the TINA architecture with a sim pler way for the development of services and most impor tant, with a effective model for Component-Based Software Development (CBSD).

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