Detection of Generalized Conjunctive Predicates for Debugging Parallel Distributed Programs

C.G. Ribeiro, L.M.A. Drummond, and R. S. Wedemann (Brazil)


Debugging Parallel Programs, Distributed Breakpoint Detection, Generalized Conjunctive Predicates


Analyzing and debugging parallel and distributed programs is usually a difficult and not well explored problem. This is largely due to the non-deterministic nature of the run time states of these processes, and results in a general lack of adequate parallel debugging tools. Basically there are two approaches to the problem, setting breakpoints and the use of deterministic reexecution. In this paper, we consider the design of a fully distributed algorithm for the detection of breakpoints on global generalized conjunctive predicates (GCP) in such programs. It detects breakpoints in the form of the earliest global state at which the GCP under consid eration is true. The algorithm's local time, memory and message complexities are compared to the corresponding complexities of one of the main algorithms proposed in the literature, for solving the same problem. Our theoretical and preliminary experimental evaluations suggest various advantages of our algorithm.

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