A Proposed Methodology to Improve the Performance of Agent-based Applications through the Identification of the Optimum Visited Sequence

S. Kalogeropoulos, T. Kotsilieris (Greece), Moshe Sidi, H. Grazit, and J. Tuch (Israel)


Mobile agents, latency monitoring, PerformanceImprovement


Mobile agents have received much attention recently as an effective solution in building a wide range of distributed applications. Despite the research activities carried out, a number of issues concerning mainly the performance of agent-based applications are still open. In this paper, we propose a methodology for improving the performance of a Network Management agent-based application, by controlling the visited sequence of the mobile agents to the target machines. The optimisation of the visited sequence is based on the latency of the underlying network. A management task such as the configuration of a Differentiated Services (DiffServ) Domain is used to test and evaluate the proposed methodology. In particular, it is demonstrated that when a mobile agent should act on a set of targets, the time required to perform a task is decreased if the visited sequence is decided based on the network latency.

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