Equivalent Query Transformer for Semantic Query Optimization in Distributed Computing Environment

N. Pandey and G.K. Sharma (India)


Semantic Query Optimization (SQO), Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), Integrity Constraints (ICs)


Semantic Query Optimization (SQO) has become a prerequisite of query optimisation particularly for large databases. Generation of possible equivalent queries for a given query, database and a rule is a computationally intensive task for SQO. Hence, efforts are being made to propose a cost-effective solution by developing an equivalent query transformer which not only generates possible equivalent queries but tries to optimally utilize the raw computational power available in a Distributed Computing Environment (DCE). The proposed transformer has two parts: compiler and generator. The inputs to the compiler are the databases, rule set and the user query and its output goes to the input to the generator which then generates possible equivalent queries. Finally, a parallel computing model is proposed to implement the transformer for SQO in a Distributed Computing Environment. Implementation and other related issues are also discussed in the paper.

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