A Performance Evaluation of the Mobile Agent Technology in Comparison to the Client/Server Paradigm for QoS Configuration in DiffServ Domain

S. Kalogeropoulos, T. Kotsilieris, G. Karetsos, A. Michalas, V. Loumos, and E. Kayafas (Greece)


Mobile agents, Client/Server, Task complexity, Comparison


Mobile Agent Technology (MAT) has become an alternative approach for the design and implementation of distributed systems to the traditional Client/Server architecture. An important area, where the advantages of MAT are exploited best, is the management of computer networks. This paper presents a performance evaluation of the MAT in comparison to the Client/Server paradigm, for configuring Quality of Service (QoS) disciplines on a Linux-based Differentiated Services (DiffServ) Domain. The evaluation is based on real measurements obtained using two application scenarios (Client/Server and mobile agents). The two scenarios were designed and implemented for this purpose. The experimental results revealed that performance improvements could be achieved using mobile agents, depending on the complexity of the task to be performed.

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