Hierarchical Handoff Mechanism Based on Situation Learning

T. J. Park and S.M. Park (Korea)


MobileIP, IPv4, handoff, multicast, simultaneous binding


The demand on mobile computing has been increased drastically by the Internet community along with the popularity of WLAN (Wireless LAN). However, the quality of the mobile service is not satisfactory due to the occurrence of handoff latency, which is caused by the movement of mobile device. A lot of research has been done to resolve this problem of seamless handoff. Among those, multicast-based handoff/simultaneous binding has shown noticeable enhancement on handoff latency. But this method may also produce mass quantity of redundant copies of packets, and the network would suffer to handling these packets. In this paper, a mobile network based on IETF mobileIPv4, hierarchical FA structure, and multicast based handoff/simultaneous binding are incorporated to support mobileIP service. We also developed a method to minimize the production of those redundant packets by learning the movement pattern of mobile device using mobility table (MT).

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