Jitter Equalization to Maintain QoS for Multimedia Traffic

H. Elsayed and T. Saadawi (USA)


ATM, Jitter, Delay, Experimental results, Algorithm.


Real time traffic jitter has been problem. In this paper, we are going to introduce a jitter solution for the ATM CBR (Constant Bit Rate) type of traffic. Experimental results for the jitter under different loading conditions have been obtained. Those results show the effect of background load, number of background sources, and number of hops. The captured data is used as input to the simulator. The proposed algorithm is introduced to solve the ATM cell jitter problem. The CBR jitter is adjusted according to the mean value of the Cell Interarrival Time (CIT), T. Each cell takes its previous cell as a reference to calculated its adjusted delay. The system stores the cell in a buffer and delivers it after time T from the previous cell. In our analysis, we assume that the buffer size is unlimited as in D/D/1 queuing system. The simulation shows great deal of jitter performance improvement using the proposed algorithm.

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