Implementation and Evaluation of MPI+OpenMP Programming Model on Dawning 3000

Y. Chen, G. Chen, Y. Xu, and J. Shan (PRC)


CLUMPs, programming model, MPI, OpenMP


SMP cluster (CLUMPs) architecture has been widely used to provide scalable high performance computers recently. One distinctive feature over traditional parallel computer architecture is its hybrid memory model, shared memory inside the node and message passing between the nodes. In this paper, we study the hybrid programming model of MPI+OpenMP on CLUMPs architecture. We analyze the implementation mechanism of MPI+OpenMP and give some suggestions about this hybrid programming model on CLUMPs. We also conduct experiments on Dawning3000 super parallel computer, which is CLUMPs architecture, and analyze the results. According to the analysis result, we drew several significant conclusions about MPI+OpenMP programming model on CLUMPs, such as the effective number of threads in one SMP node, memory bus competition and etc.

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