Modeling and Real-time Simulation of Complex Media Processing Systems with Parallel Distributed Computing

A.A.J. de Lange and I.C. Kang (The Netherlands)


Distributed, Prototyping, Modeling, Simulation, Real Time, Networking


The approach described in this paper addresses fast proto typing of complex media processing systems. The method provides a high-level means to emulate the streaming sub systems of complex consumer electronics systems. This includes connection management for high-throughput sig nal processing elements, data buffering and routing. Moreover, it offers a high-level abstraction for the con figuration and control of such streaming subsystems. As a result, the essential characteristics of stream processing can be modeled and analyzed, while at the same time, complex middleware and application software can be de veloped and tested, which will be independent of the un derlying streaming technology. Prototyping is sped up by using standard implementation technology such as PCs with off-the-shelf PCI cards, Ethernet and TCP/IP net working. All low-level media processing components have adequate software interfaces that can remain the same when implemented in real embedded products.

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