A Pipelined Ring Network - Heterogeneous Real-time in Radar Signal Processing

C. Bergenhem and M. Jonsson (Sweden)


: Heterogeneous, real-time, radar, ring network, optical, pipeline.


The paper presents results of simulations done with the CCR-EDF (Control Channel based Ring network with EDF scheduling) pipelined ring network together with a case study of system area networks for radar signal processing. The topology of the network is a pipelined unidirectional fibre-ribbon ring that supports several simultaneous transmissions in non-overlapping segments. Access to the network is divided into slots. In each slot the node that has the highest priority message is permitted to transmit. This feature of the medium access protocol gives the network the functionality for earliest deadline first scheduling. Different classes of traffic are supported for the user. These are guaranteed logical real-time channels (LRTC), best effort (BE) channels and non real-time (NRT) traffic. The case study used is from an airborne radar signal processing (RSP) application. Results of the simulations indicate that the CCR-EDF network works well with the RSP application studied.

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